Monday, August 6, 2012

Singing and School

Oh my word! So, a lot has happened in the last few weeks! So I am going to start with the oldest one.

1. I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! Wow, how weird does that feel to say! I am going for Dental Assisting and then on to Dental Hygiene! Tim and I go tonight to look at the campus and financial aide, etc. I am going back for many reasons. As most of you know, I have been only really working part time in order to take care of my Bonus Kids and so that we could be involved in their school. They are both now in middle school and although we will still be involved with their schools it is not as time consuming as Elementary school was. There are other reasons that Tim and I have decided for me to go to back that like finances, having something to fall back on in case of a tragedy (heaven forbid) etc. We are both totally excited and Tim, my sweet husband, is so supportive and enthusiastic about it too!

So on the newest news....

2. This thursday I will practice, for the first time, with our Praise and Worship Team at RCC! I received the music last night and as I was reading through the words and listening to the new song we will be singing, I just cried and cried! (happily) I have been wanting and feeling the need to do this for some time now. Years actually. However, there were certain things that prohibited that. I was angry about it too for a while and now that I am FINALLY here, I see why God's timing was different from my own with doing this Ministry. I do humbly ask Lord,  for forgiveness for being impatient at times and discouraged. You know what is best for me and when things should happen!

I cannot wait to see what God does through these two chapters! I pray that I can be sensitive to His will for me and His guidance. I pray that my work, whether school or singing, GLORIFY God!

YAY! I am so excited, nervous but excited! I have a Wonderful, Merciful God who I know I can rely on! And I am blessed to have a loving and supportive husband, always taking my hand and leading our family in the right way! Putting Christ in the midst of all we do (even when we mess up) ! Love that boy!


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